Suggested Directions For Use


Don’t let borax steal your gold!

MB Formula works!

MB Formula was invented by a chemist with the intention of yielding the most gold from filings/ bench sweeps. This formula melts brilliantly,  brings down 100% of your gold and also repairs cracked metals. MB Formula eliminates the time consuming mess of removing hidden gold from borax residue.

Contains 7.5 oz.



Directions for use: Follow all standard precautionary safety measures for melting. Clean filings with a magnet to remove any unwanted metals. Combine your filings with half the amount of MB Formula (Ex: 2 ounce of filings/ use 1 ounce of MB Formula). Mix well. Use a carbon stirring rod to stir during melting. Pour into oiled ingot mold. All of the gold will drop to the bottom, leaving you with a clean, beautiful ingot!

Comparison test: Do a comparison test to prove that MB Formula is not a gimmick! Mix up one ounce of your filings very well and separate a half ounce to melt in your traditional manner. Melt the other half ounce with 5 dwts. of MB formula. Notice that the ingot melted with MB Formula has a nicer color and yielded a heavier weight!

Cracked Metal: If your metal cracked while rolling, apply the same process as above, except use equal amounts of MB Formula to the weight of the metal. (Ex: 5dwt metal/ use 5 dwts MB Formula)

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